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What are the relevant knowledge of pipe endoscope?

What are the relevant knowledge of pipe endoscope?

Many large enterprises in the production process, will use a variety of mechanical equipment, especially the urbanization process of speeding up, the construction of various pipelines will be used in the pipeline endoscope, mainly used to detect the industrial endoscope pipe. So, do you know what the components of a plumbing endoscope are? What are the relevant knowledge of borescopes and how much do you know about them?

First of all, we have to understand what is the pipe endoscope, is a special inspection of the pipeline industrial endoscope, mainly composed of four parts, including the front-end endoscope detection lens, shot push cable, as well as display and controller and according to the operating conditions of the matching device and push device. You will find that the characteristics of the pipe endoscope is more obvious, more than 90 lens, detection accuracy is relatively high, can also be based on manual button endoscope probe detection.

But it should be noted that we must be good at mastering the correct use of the pipe endoscope, especially for the damage to the probe should also pay special attention to, because the girth weld inspection needs to take a large number of photos and video, therefore, for the pipeline endoscope product storage requirements are relatively high, in the market there are different models and specifications of the pipe endoscope, In Europe and the United States more developed countries are generally using the axial infinite rotation of the industrial endoscope probe, rotating speed can also be adjusted, configured to adapt to the diameter of the device, more display and control system built-in 320G HDD High speed hard disk, greatly satisfying the use of the site.

What do you know about the components of a plumbing endoscope? You will find that the use of pipe endoscope is more extensive, in the process of urban pipeline construction and municipal construction will often see the figure of the equipment, in addition, in the large-scale industrial pipeline survey process, has been more widely used.

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