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The use method of underground pipeline detector

The use method of underground pipeline detector

The underground pipeline detector has two working modes, passive working mode and active working mode. The passive working method is used to search for an unknown power cable in an area, which is used to track and locate the transmitter signal.

1, Passive mode

The passive mode of operation does not require a transmitter, it can search for an unknown area of power cable. Open the receiver, select the receiver operating frequency of 50Hz, adjust the gain to get a suitable reading and choose the maximum method or minimum method, in order to search the grid in a region back and forth. Carry the receiver to walk smoothly, so that the fuselage surface and move in a straight line and as far as possible with the pipeline through the right angle, do not swing, because this will produce some misleading signals. When the receiver response shows the existence of a pipeline, stop immediately, pinpoint the location of the pipeline and make a mark. Tracks and marks the first line through the range of the search area.

2, Active mode

The active way is to apply the signal of the transmitter to the pipeline, and then to use the receiver to locate and track the pipeline. The active method can accurately locate, track and depth the pipeline, and can also locate the damaged point of the buried pipeline and determine the damage point of the anticorrosion layer.

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