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Wopson--Our Five Years


Wopson--Our five years

It has been 5 years since 2012, and in this short five years, China has changed profoundly, affecting you, me and the world.

No one can ignore the power of time, just as the world cannot ignore the power of China, the structural reform of supply side in the past 5 years has profoundly changed the structure of China's economy.

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Shenzhen, China


Sky-eye sounding


Shared bicycles Everywhere


China's "new Four Inventions"

In the past five years, with the development of China's economy, people's consumption patterns are changing and ideas are changing. When the world is widely recognized as "Made in Germany", the Germans say, "Made in China" is now a "German-made" adversary! Germany's "Quality Management magazine" said: 54% of respondents believe that China is in the manufacturing industry glowing fever, will surpass the German brand and the innovation ability of German enterprises. About 3/4 of respondents said the quality of "made in China" would be better in 20 years.

Once when people mentioned the Chinese manufacturing Made in China, people's minds often appear is "low-end" "cheap" "imitation", in fact, more and more Chinese manufacturing is being recognized by the world! For example: The first batch of "Made in China", the Boston Orange Line, will arrive in the United States in December this year, and most importantly, it is a fully-owned American-standard Metro car, not only at speeds of up to 63 mph (102 kilometers per hour), but also for 30 years.


China's manufacturing can move towards the world, by the world gradually recognized, without adhering to the 10 years as a day "ingenuity" of Chinese entrepreneurs.

In the beginning of the establishment of Shenzhen city, the company was determined to create a world of Chinese manufacturing, China-created enterprises, so that high-quality pipeline testing equipment can be recognized by consumers around the world!


From 2010 Wopson set up the research and Development Center, produced the first pipeline detection professional equipment, application and access to the national patent began until now, this determination has never wavered.


With the growing strength of the Chinese, more and more people are joining the ranks of the Chinese and the Simpson. Our 5 years are also growing, the team is growing, the influence is growing!

Wopson Team





The influence of Wopson


2017 Hong Kong electronic products fair in autumn

At the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, which ends on October 15, the Wopson harvest is plentiful!

From 2011 Wopson began to participate in the Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show, officially on the international stage of the debut. Wopson with the help of every show, not only actively communicate with peers but also through the exhibition platform so that more people's consumers can know: Wopson is a research and development, production and sales of industrial imaging testing equipment company, the main production pipeline imaging cameras, underwater video cameras, underground pipeline positioning equipment, Telescopic rod detection Search and rescue equipment, industrial endoscope and other products.

All of these products come from made in China.

We 5 years, like all Chinese, together with personal experience to witness the changes in China, looking back at the past is no regrets, the future of our journey is the stars of the sea.

The next 5 years, Wopson and you together do not forget beginner, to move forward!

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